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Specializing in restored vintage American and European instruments, advanced restoration and Premium Set-Ups to make your Instrument sound its best.

Custom Commissions gladly accepted.

Some Instruments restored or repaired at Ed McCoppin Violins:
- 1928 Amedee Dieudonne
- 1924 Albert Deblaye
- 1840 Jean Denizot
- 1840's-1850's Mirecourt
- 1890's Cello (Brought into the shop in a paper bag!)
- 1889 J.B. Squire Violin
- 1854 John Lott Cello
- 1820 Varroy Larouche Mirecourt Violin
- 1919 Charles Brugere Violin

New Handmade Instrument prices:
Violins are $5,000
Violas are $5,500

Mike Khoury - Redford Civic Symphony Orchestra - Improviser
I'm the proud owner of an Ed McCoppin handmade violin. The sound is superb and the quality of the craftsmanship is very high. I was pleased with the value of the instrument. It sounds like an instrument that would cost twice as much. As a symphony orchestra player, I found that my sound and playing improved considerably. The playability of the instrument is terrific. Difficult passages became more playable and sounded great. I also perform improvisational music as a soloist and in ensembles. My McCoppin violin has served me extremely well in this setting where tone is imperative in both live and recorded settings. I would highly recommend Ed McCoppin's instruments as great value for the money. I look forward to continued pleasure with this instrument for years to come.

Emily Wagner
Of all the fiddles I've played over the years, and all the fiddles I've owned (which ranges up to the teens), I have never played a better one than the one that Ed McCoppin made for me. Not only can Ed make outstanding instruments, he also restores old instruments and does amazing repair work to all different kinds of stringed instruments. Many of his instruments, both the ones he makes and the ones he does work on, make their way to Elderly's Instruments in Lansing, MI. My instrument is of amazing quality. Ed's attention to detail, quality, and the playability of his instruments beats any other maker or shop in the area. It's hard to find a maker that is so easily available and also as nice and helpful as Ed is, and I recommend his services to any player who appreciates quality equipment and who loves to play.
For the Discriminating Player
Custom build 16-1/2" viola with gamba shoulders. Click on image for a close up